About me



My name is “Alireza” but my friends call me “Ario” . i born in 1989 and studied at the field of computer science and i graduated from Azad university of Pakdasht – Tehran , oh and i forgot to tell you i’m from Iran , Tehran .

I started my first  job when i was 16  and till then i have my own pocket money and i managed my expenses by myself but that would be a lie if i say i never borrow money from my parent , i did when i needed but i always tried my best to help my family financially .

I did a lot of work in every field , for example : selling computer hardware , windows development (by myself) , fast food , governmental companies (data entry) , non governmental companies (data entry) , web design , Photoshop for a photoshoot studio , real state , website manager , article writer (not online) .  yea that was a lot of different field that didn’t link together , i can not stay at home that’s why worked in a lot of different  fields and another reason is that i work to build my future and my family and the people i love and i hope i reach the destination  want .

I moved to Georgia , Tbilisi 8 months ago and i started to work in travel agency office that is mine and three other persons and also if you wanted to travel to Georgia i can help you to show you around and help you with a place to stay .


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