Baazaar of Tehran

Hi guys

Today I want to share with you some photos and some info about Tehran’s bazaar.

In Tehran there is not only one bazaar but as a Persian I don’t know how many but the most famous ones are: Tajrish bazaar – Jome bazaar – main bazaar .

Today I’m going to share photos and talk about “Tajrish bazaar”. This one is located in the uptown near the Tajrish sq. it’s one the old bazaars of Tehran and it has a lot of things. Like we Persians say: “frrom milk of the chicken till life a human”. NO it doesn’t have life of a human we are not cannibals. any way you can find traditional jewelry and cloth and plates and everything traditional restaurants and shisha, which in this kind of restaurants you see men and women sitting and smoking shisha or enjoying some food or tea and they are talking and sharing opinions together and some of them watching the game and screaming sometimes that why that stupid guy didn’t pass the ball. And there are some parts that you can buy fruit and some snacks. Also the scarfs has a lot of deferent styles and designs that it’s also nice for non-muslims and you can wear it as a scarf around your neck or in the winter to get warmer. Also if you are into carpets you know that Persian carpets are the best in the world and so expensive and also with a lot of deferent colors and designs.

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About the spices you know that Persian food contain spices we always make food that includes spices and not only one kind beside salt and pepper there is at least 2 or 3 kinds of other spices . so if you want some spies make sure that you take a look in Iran and when you were there learn some Persian food to make for yourself because nothing is more delicious than  Persian foods . When you taste it you will know what I mean.

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For snacks we have a lot of fruitage products like plums, cherry and a lot things just the sour taste. We make it sour with some other ingredients and we eat them as a snack , for other countries the taste is weird and your face will be like a 1 year old eating the firs lemon of  his/her life .

And the photos are for you guys to see the style of the bazaar

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I hope you liked this article about Persian bazaaar . i will upload more articles soon sorry if i couldnt update sooner i was in Iran and i was busy with the work and some other stuff

Wish you guys all the best – Ario

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