There will be some times ……

In my world

Hi to all

today i want to write about  moments and period of a time that we feel like we lost everything and we cannot keep going anymore or we just need a long long rest but we cannot achieve it so we get even more tired and fed up with the crazy events that happens to us .  what i want to say to you is that don’t worry if you go ask every single person they have something to be worry or some problems that is hard for them . now some people say that : ” no it’s not like that i had more pain in my life and look at me now i didn’t do that i didn’t do this ” , NO just wait a second and slow your roll . everybody got their problems but just compare to their strength . don’t judge people without knowing them , we don’t know their situation and what they been through so let’s take some time then start to think okay I’m  better than that person . if you had so much trouble and pain in your life know that god is doing it to you because he wants you to be strong  and tough , yea I know you heard it a lot and it became so much cheesy to you but it’s the truth . imagine you are doing some martial art or you going to gym , you go through so much pain to achieve nice abs nice chest nice everything and look better or defend yourself and you cannot say that you can achieve in a good point without any pain , NO it cannot be done . so you need to get punched in the face or feel some pain in your muscles and then you can achieve a nice body or a nice fighting skills . life is like a fight or a sport you will go through so much small practice and big practice when some match comes you are ready for it with all you got and you will fight with all you got .

keep smiling and be happy that you survived till now and know that it’s not going to stop . Say welcome to them because they will make you stronger .

wish you guys happiness .


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