Turtle Lake (Tbilisi)

Hi guys

today i want to write about the lake i been to lately . i went there before but 2 time one time as a tour manager and one time for picnik and that means i never went for swimming and tanning , but this time i went for that and i want to give you guys a piece of my mind about the lake .

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Lately Tbilisi is so warm , in the last week weather was 38 degrees (centigrade) and you could get tan by just walking in the street . but for me as a Persian it was warm too but don’t think when i’m saying Persian that means we have camels and we live in desert with tribes , NO .  I’m from Tehran and in the summer its warm like this so i got use to this weather but not more than 35 or maximum 38 degrees but again that doesn’t mean that i was cool about it , i mean i was dying like the rest . the good thing that Tbilisi has is the wind , it always have wind maybe sometimes so slow but it has and the weather is moving and wont let it to be so hot also sometimes it works like a hair dryer and blow the hot air into your face and you feel like you are in the oven and that’s the time you say to yourself that its lake time . so with this background i told you , it would be a lot of fun to swim in the warm weather . so there is a part that you can swim in the lake that its in the pictures too and its a nice place and if you are looking for a little bit of privacy you can find it there . it has a entrance for 5 Laris each person and there is a restaurant and bar that you can buy your beer or  a cold juice and just enjoy your self and the nice weather  . the water is nice and the water is not that clean don’t look for a crystal clean water , and there is small fishes in the water .

okay now let me tell you the events i saw in the lake . at first it was nice no one bothered me and it was nice swimming and enjoying the water then i was swimming i heard a little motor boat coming close to me and i saw it coming straight to me (IT WAS THE SECURITY AND LIFEBOAT ) and they were just looking t me and they didn’t even went left or right just straight to me , so i went out of the way fast and imagine people were tanning and they went straight to the crowd to park the boat and after that they didn’t say sorry or anything just got off and started swimming with the crowd . i went out of the water and after 30 mints of tanning   went to swim again and i was swimming after 10 minutes i heard someone saying something in Georgian and i saw a paddling boat  full of girl behind me and they where like : “GET OUT OF THE WAY , GET OUT OF THE WAY”  . i managed to take my self to the short part of the water and stood up so i can walk away from them because it was kind of awkward chasing situation . again they parked in the middle of the crowd and one of them started swimming and rest of them started to take pictures with that DAMN DUCK FACE , i immediately did a face palm i couldn’t resist . after that i said to myself okay enough lake i should go and in the way out of water i saw a snake and it was looking at me and i said to it run man run before the duck hunt you 😀 . and that was it i’m natural tan and i didn’t got any tan so i just enjoyed the sun i guess .

the bottom line is turtle lake is not that great and not that clean you are swimming and you will see yourself  near a dog taking a dump into the water and i don’t know why they brought the damn dog into the swimming lake ???

It’s all my opinions so it’s not words of god maybe in some parts I’m wrong or maybe in some parts I’m right .

Copyrights reserved. If you want to copy or  edit  my work, contact me firstly please: alireza.abdee@gmail.com

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