Georgian food


Hi to all

This time i’m writing about Gerogian food . from my eye as a Persian that i believe my country has the tastiest and best food all in the world or its one of the best in the world , so with that background im judging the food in my opinion .

Let me make it easy for you and plus i don’t wanna take your time i know its very boring to just read some TEXTS .

Its not all but i ate them so i can comment on them , but in my opinion Georgian food is not so various and it doesn’t take much time to try them all .

you can find this foods in every Georgian restaurant and they are not so expensive i would say food is not expensive in Tbilisi . hope you enjoy this post  , i reduced characters and add pictures instead .

It’s all my opinions so it’s not words of god maybe in some parts I’m wrong or maybe in some parts I’m right .


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