Tbilisi mechanics


Hi to all

Couple of days ago my car’s  windshield wipers got broken and i had to get it fixed (yea i know its summer but its raining in Tbilisi)  . i went to the iliava bazaar , its a place you can find any kind of hardware and stuff and materials for building and also mechanics .i went to a mechanic and showed the car and he said he can fix the car in 2-3 hours and he will get 50 laris . its a high price for car windshield wiper but anyway i had to do it and i was tired as hell so i said okay you can start and he did . he started to open every thing and he had no idea what he was doing and finally he managed to open the whole parts of the wipers (the motor and the system that make it run) and he went did some oil stuff to it and came back , and all of this took like 2 hours . he started to assemble it back to were it was and he did but when i started the wipers it went to the WRONG WAYS . and i was shocked and he was too , he started to do some things to it to make it fix but he couldn’t and he disassembled it again and i was angry at him and wasn’t even look at me . so he went again with some fake stuff to the poor parts and came back and again assemble and its not fast at all , it took one hour . i wanted to beat him with the parts to death . he assembled it again and it worked BUT not as new . i had to hold the stick that turn the wipers on up to make it work and it got stuck on the middle of the way on the windshield . i looked at him in a crazy way and he was looking at me as a dumb cat he is and i said man you taking 50 laris and you made it worst and he was making excuses like : your switch it broken , i don’t know why doesn’t it work i did my job , no your car is old , blah blah blah . so i said okay just take it don’t cry , he took the money with no regret and he was proud that he took money from the thing he didn’t know how to do and he was asking for everybody’s help .

Whatever you do DON’T GO TO MECHANICS IN GEORGIA  they will charge you really good and they wreck your car and give it to you got to the centers that dedicated to the brand , yea i know you pay more but its better to make your car piece of trash . it the third time happens for me .

It’s all my opinions so it’s not words of god maybe in some parts I’m wrong or maybe in some parts I’m right .

Copyrights reserved. If you want to copy or  edit  my work, contact me firstly please: alireza.abdee@gmail.com


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