My trip to Sighnaghi

Hello to all

Last weekend me and my girlfriend decided to go to Sighnaghi , Georgia  . I heard about this city a lot , everybody was telling me it’s a really beautiful city (I would call it a small town) and the weather is great and fresh and it calls city of love . So I said why not let’s see the city and it would be a romantic trip too so we went

How we got there 

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I never tried hitchhiking but my girlfriend is a huge fan of hitchhiking and we had a whole speech about how to get there at last she convinced me to do the hitchhiking and it wasn’t that I won’t  do it , I wanted to try it too . Maybe you ask why not ? hitchhiking is fun and you don’t pay and maybe the drivers offer you something but in Iran hitchhiking is that popular and there is not a lot of people who do it , but any way we started from the city (Tbilisi) by bus and we went near airport and from there we started to hitchhike . after like 5 – 7 minutes on car stop for us one guys he had a BMW from I think 2003 and he couldn’t speak Russian or Persian or English so I knew a little bit of Georgian and I tried to start a conversation, you know typical conversation like what is you work , how old are you and stuff but the driver was a little bit strange .  It was awkward silence for 15 minutes then he was talking like 5 minutes and again awkward silence. and in the middle of the road his car started to slow down and he stop near the road and he said to me that he has a problem with the car and I found out the problem is with the patrol pump . the funny thing is that he wanted to take us to Sighnaghi by any means , his car wasn’t moving but he didn’t let us go till he stop in the middle of the nowhere again and I talked to him that we are just making things hard for him he can let us go and I don’t want any trouble for him , finally I convinced him to let us go and we went . we walked a little bit and we started to hitchhike again and this time an old men stopped with a nicer car and he was that kind of guy that you say he is going back to his family and you could say but his cloths and documents and everything  that he is safe . He dropped us at the first of the Sighnaghi road near by a police station.  we found a shop and we bought water and some food for the night and we started hitchhiking again we walked a little bit and people was looking at us like we were from another universe and the thing is that in that road to Sighnaghi and in that region you don’t except that because it’s a tourism magnet but any way back to hitchhiking. we were standing and there was no cars , all of them where coming back from there so we walked a little bit and one car stop for us , it was a small car and nearly full but the man who had like 5 liter of bear scooched over and my girlfriend was like : “no tell them we are two and we have bags we won’t fit there please no no no” . I told them that we are two and all the things but deep down I saw there was no other car and maybe we had to stay more under the sun so we went in the car and we started to go and after 15 minutes we arrived at Sighnaghi


The city is beautiful, the architecture is really nice but I wouldn’t say it’s Georgian. From every part of the city you have view to the mountains and it’s all green. You can visit the church or you can walk on the old walls that surrounded the city and the streets also is really nice to walk and you can enjoy the texture of the city . You see a lot of people in there : Georgians , Germans , Polish , Turkish . And the thing is that you see couple of Poland flags and German but mostly Poland. Full of dogs that’s they get really friendly especially when you feed them. you don’t have to worry about the food you can find a restaurant in no time and of you go for the a walking on the walls you can also find a restaurant that has a nice view to the farms and forests near Sighnaghi but I don’t know about the food there I didn’t try but my girlfriend tried once and she didn’t like it she said it had hair on the French fries and they brought the wrong order but you can use it as a place to sit and relax and just enjoy the nice view .  For entertainment they rent an ATV or mini cart that you can drive them to part of the city and that’s fun but I didn’t use them unfortunately. The city is really loud in the evening but not with the sound of tourism with the sound of children. You can find kids in the streets till 3 or 2 am and they are loud. At night I setup the tent and we went in the tent but as soon as kids saw the tent they started to throw rocks at us and they were pushing each other at our tent. At first it was small rocks but then it was like heavy big rocks that could kill us. I had a running and chasing moments with kids and after that they didn’t bother us no more but my advice is  that don’t set up a tent in the Sighnaghi or if you want don’t do it in the city go for a silent and peaceful place

It’s all my opinions so it’s not words of god maybe in some parts I’m wrong or maybe in some parts I’m right

Copyrights reserved. If you want to copy, edit  my work or  contact me firstly please: alireza.abdee@gmail.comWith best wishes – Ario

2 thoughts on “My trip to Sighnaghi

  1. Ario! I didn’t know you were writing a blog about Georgia. What a great story! And i’m glad you’re safe after hitchhiking with a load of strange men and almost getting killed by kids throwing rocks!!! Your photos are beautiful! Where are you going next? 😉


    • haha thanks for your support , i started the blog i think last 2 weeks and i will post more about the cities or some other things . i just want to share my experiences and some memories with others . and next time i’m going to Kazbegi i hope .


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