Life in tbilisi

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Hello there .

i recently moved to Tbilisi , Georgia  its a nice country and nice city if you ask me but everywhere has its bad and good . i like the culture and people because they are similar to my culture a little bit , like : respect to family , drinking 😀 , relationships and other thing that i’m not gonna get you bored with . the weather is really nice in Tbilisi you always have wind in the summer and also in winter which it makes it really cold in winter , i mean after 3 layers of cloths i was cold but in the summer you can visit the Tbilisi sea (Lake) and it a nice place with a nice view which is the lake surrounded by the hills and full of trees , and the water is cool and swimming in there makes you fresh and you can get tan after a nice swimming in the lake .

back in the streets of Tbilisi i would say drivers remind of the F1 and Fast and Furious  movies , with the taxi you will reach your destination in minimum time but of course it depends on the driver too, don’t get in with old guys you will get crazy because  they yell and they honk  A LOT . bus is also have its problem but its a good and useful transportation in Tbilisi and cheap . you can go around the city with maybe 2 laris maximum . there is also another way of transportation that you can use but there is no map and no nothing for it , they call it ” marshutka ”  its yellow vans . you have to know Georgian language to use them or you can get on  them and hope you it goes on the direction you want .

its just a little piece of Tbilisi i will write more about the city and more places in Georgia so maybe i can help some people with that  .

with best wishes – Ario


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